Behind That Smile

Behind that smile lies hurricanes

No one can guess

Everyone tells me I’m bad

Not knowing of the monsters

Hiding deep inside my head

They just can’t see

How the monster has gradually grown inside me

Because i have known to tame even the world’s worst ocean tides

My solitude comfort is in words

When tragedies traverse

I fain with paper and quill

Dipping them in ink

In ways so amicable

At times i get confused

What betrays me more?

My dreams? My eyes?

I feel empty

At the same time I feel it’s a nuisance

It’s a nuisance to carry the emptiness in me

And so I wish,

To fill it with the “It shall be okay” thoughts

But for how long?

I fight everyday, every night

Again and again with myself

Shedding droplets of pain each time

Words and tears rhymed

both combined to form couplets in time


I see magic

Through my tearful tragic

And it’s through this

That I’ve mastered that art

That art of forming high verses of poetic songs

Patiently Holding onto the scary night

For it shall surely dawn.

B’n a While here. Hallooow✋

HIM: What’s that you’re holding?
HER: it’s my Baby
HIM: (Moving Closer) And where did you get it from? Ah?
HER: (Trembling. She’s afraid) I don’t know
HIM: Do I look like a fool to you? Now, Answer me. Who’s the father of that thing?
HER: (tears threatening to make their way out ) E..rr. I d..o..n’t k..n..o..w. ……..I….I DON’T….
HIM: (Gives her some weighty slap. She Sobs. Bitter sobs) Now since you don’t want to reveal who the father is, take this thing out of here before I kill you both!!!
HER: Forgive me(Sobs). I don’t know who the father is. I…. I…. Don’t know. Forgive me. (goes down on her knees holding the baby on her right arm. She is protecting her. Protecting her from this abrupt monster. ) I …am… Not… A.. Bad… Girl. (By this time, she’s uncontrollably shaking. Tears freely making their way down her by now swollen cheeks)
HIM: Shut up! (gives her another slap, this time she faints, the baby still on her right arm lets out some loud cry then stops. She’s one day old. Just one day) Stop pretending and get up! You won’t sleep in this house tonight young whore. (pours some cold water on her)
HER: (No response. She lies on the ground with her baby. He kicks her sore belly severally. She doesn’t move)
HIM: You are not clever young girl. For the last time, who’s the father of that thing you call a baby?)
HER: No response.

(He violently shakes her. She’s rigid. Cold. Her pulse can be felt. from a far. Her eyes are tightly closed.But she’s still holding her baby. He’s come back to his senses. It’s his turn to act vulnerable. To act needy. Sorry. He didn’t expect this. It’s all happening so fast. He calls his Personal doctor, for the first time to attend to her. Tests are conducted. It’s too late. She’s cold. She’s gone. She’s no more. Still holding her baby. He takes the baby from her. On her tiny hands, there’s A paper. A white paper neatly folded. It’s written something :

“Dear daughter, the world is not safe anymore. My Uncle’s son raped me. Their family is so powerful. I couldn’t tell his parents. You’re his daughter. Uncle Osiayi is your grandpa. I may not live to protect you. But know I love you. Yours, Mommy”

There!!!! He knows who the father of that child is. His own son. His own blood. He raped her. His only beloved son raped her. But she’s no more. He Has just killed her. He has just killed her blood. BUT WHO’S TO BLAME?

–How many have you silently killed before listening to their part of story? How many more are you going to kill? Physically? Emotionally? Spiritually? Mentally?

In frame: ART||Unknown(Sourced from ‘The Journey to Poetry’)

PS: Typos will be the end of me😂. Just ignore them. Get my point. Thank you.

I’m fine…Hell No!!!

So he asked me how I was

And I wanted to Open my heart to him

I wanted to whisper

I’m not fine

I’m not doing good at all

I hardly sleep

I have nightmares

I am slowly breaking

Slowly drowning in my own mind

My body aches

My joints are numb

My body scares me to death

Its bruises are hurting each day

The silliest and smallest things trigger my sad emotions

I can’t tell him

My past thoughts are suicidal

I think of ending it all

But I can’t tell him that

I can’t tell him I’m tired

I can’t just open up

And so

All i said was

I’m Okay,I’m doing good

And the saddest part was



Not Everyone is Fine is Actually Fine. Do not trust them. Get a little bit closer. Go beyond the ‘I’m fine’ phrase.



So I stand here and watch
Warm tears make their way down
Her unpolluted cheeks so chubby
It is beyond her fears
Beyond her humanity
She feels all alone in the world of misery
For the first time in a long time
She carries the whole world
On her shoulders
Feels like crumbling down
Feels like giving up
Like letting herself off

But no….

Not any time soon
Not today, not now
Something keeps her moving
That which is so precious
That which she must live for
The creature in her tiny tummy
She is scared
See the scar on her left arm?
What of her fractured arm?
Do you see her chest bruises?
What of her bleeding knee?
Can you guess what she’s been through?
The moon no longer shines on her
The stars no longer smile with her
And perhaps tell her it’s gonna be alright
Her world feels dark
Does she still have some energy left?
To protect that which belongs to her
Like an angry lioness
Will she hungrily hold on a little longer?
So you ask.
And because she has been broken
She understands the pain
She is accustomed to pain
She will survive
She will protect
And eventually
Tomorrow will come
But before then
(sobs sobs)

Ps~i did this piece sleep-typing so perhaps you’ll understand😂

In frame: UNKNOWN
WRITTEN BY: Mully Estrah

Of Big Eyes

Her eyes can swallow the
Stars, galaxies and Universes
She always know the effect of her eyes
And how they disarmingly tantalize
Her admirers are left to fantasize
Of those big eyes

Her eyes are like fire
They ain’t red or anything close
Not particularly warm, either
They don’t glow or ‘appear to glow’
Whatever that means
But they have some hidden beauty of the night
Nature within her spirit
That leave guys wondering
Of those big eyes

Her eyes are cornflower blue
The hue of the most magical things in life
At one point
They will draw you in
Then slowly let you go




He raped me
I saw him,I heard him.

Son to my mother’s brother

Grandson to my grandfather’s soil

I remember him

How he sounded sweet and convincing

How he made himself seem trustworthy

That night, that awful night

He raped me!
He was right there. Beside me

Telling me how good looking I was

How he Loved me but just like ‘His sister’

How overprotective he always was

How he wanted me to be a good girl always

How proud he felt when with me

I listened to everything.

He was sweet. Right?

Then, he raped me!

At first He,

Made me Feel safe with him

Then invited me for dinner

Who on earth could resist such an invitation?

Didn’t bother to inform my friends nor parents

After all,

He was a nice,harmless person.

Then, he Raped me!

In his house

I was served dinner.

A different kind of dinner

He moved closer,

Cuddled me in His arms as he whispered

‘make love to me tonight’

It hit me. I had made a mistake

I wasn’t ready

My virginity meant everything

The thoughts of giving it up was a nightmare

But he raped me

I Resisted

Promised to let him in tomorrow

He could hear none of it

I watched helplessly

As he tore my blouse

To scream was to cause chaos

Look,It was my mistake

I trusted Him

I watched

As he Grabbed my breasts

I watched

As he lifted my skirt,tearing my pink pantie

I watched. I remember

I wasn’t ready, but I was helpless

I sobbed,Silent sobs

With tears I pleaded,

But no! I wasn’t to be heard

Not until I bled.

And now I feel empty

But who is to blame???